IZEcoin Terms & Conditions

If you do not agree to any of the terms set forth in this Agreement, you may not access or use any of the Services. Leave the page immediately.

The term “Company” refers to Genesis GG20 Ltd, trading names IZEcoin, 24Seven Global Business and all other trading names used by Genesis GG20 Ltd.

By purchasing IZEcoin you are purchasing a cryptocurrency. You are in no way purchasing shares of, nor investing in any specific company or project. IZEcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be traded on public exchanges where listed and sent between IZEcoin wallets/users as a means of transacting monetary value.

The price of IZEcoin is determined by public demand, on a live market, where there is buy and sell trades for IZEcoin and other currencies. The developers have no control over the price of IZEcoin after the release of the coins to the public exchange. As with all cryptocurrencies that are publicly traded there will likely be price speculation and the value of IZEcoin may rise or fall as users buy and sell their IZEcoin.

As the IZEcoin Administrators, through the known development process, we have an expectation that IZEcoin may become more valuable over-time, as storage of coins on more and more wallets occurs. We are not able to guarantee any profits or that the value of the coin will increase. We have no guarantee that our retail EcoSystem Shop-Again or network system 24Seven Global Business will affect the value of the IZEcoin.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss of value in IZEcoin after the release to a public exchange. We cannot be held responsible for loss of IZEcoin due to user error, such as hardware or software errors or malfunctions. Always back-up your wallets.

When downloading any of our IZEcoin wallets you do so at your own risk. We give NO WARRENTY of any kind on any of the software available to download or view or connected to our website(s). Whilst using any of our wallets (or any of our software or webpages), you do so at your own risk and with the agreement that only you are responsible for any loss, however that loss may occur or be quantified.

We recommend that you regularly back up your wallet and use all security features available to keep your coins safe.

You agree and consent to us using your personal data to inform you, in any way we deem fit, of any security matter, or other matter, that in our sole judgement, you should be aware of. We will not share your data with any other company, entity or person and will do all in our power to keep your data safe and secure. When legally obligated, the Company will provide personal information to government agencies but only if by a valid court order or presentation of warrant.

From time to time the Company may need to suspend for an undefined period of time or withdraw one or all of its services, websites or software packages. You further agree that you have no rights or guarantees of “service or use” of any of our websites, products or software packages, now or in the future.

In order to support the European data privacy law, in force from 25th May 2018, known as General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we are making some changes and additions to our Privacy Policy.

The changes and additions are as follows:

Who is collecting the data?

Your data is being collected and stored by Genesis GG20 Ltd BVI, the website on which you are reading this is a trading name of Genesis GG20 Ltd BVI.

What data is being collected?

We are collecting and storing data that you enter on Affiliate, Customer and website User Application Forms.

Some data is also collected on “website contact forms”.

Some of the “data input forms” are very simplistic in nature and some are more complex. We may ask for more detailed information about who you are (your full name), your full address, your date of birth, your gender, your telephone number, your email address, your social media account name(s) and links, your IZEcoin WebWallet name and receiving address, . We may also ask you for KYC (Know Your Customer) information which might include Government or Country Photo ID documents, personal billing information to prove your current address, or any other form of identification to satisfy our KYC. We may also ask for information about you and any account or membership you have with us, to satisfy Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements and to detect fraud.

We will typically collect personal information (such as your name, email, postal address, telephone number, payment and service details) whenever you ask us to deliver a service or product to you, for example when you:

We sometimes run “referral programmes” where you can tell us about a friend or someone else who is known to you who may be interested in our website(s), or what services we have to offer. If your friend gives you their permission to provide us with their details, then we promise we will only use their information for that reason and not to send them any wider marketing offers. We will also mention that it was you who made the referral in the message we send to them.

We also collect other information about the use of our website(s) and services. Some of this information we may automatically collect when you visit the website(s), such as what type of device you have and which type of internet browser or mobile device you use, whether you visited our website(s) from another website or service and your IP address (the unique reference number that identifies your device on the internet). We only use this information to give us a statistical picture of how the website(s) is used.

We also collect information using cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your browser which sometimes follow the movements of visitors on the Site and tell us how the Site and our services are used.

What is the legal basis for processing the data?

With your consent, upon entering data on our website(s), we process your data to establish a valid agreement between us that satisfies our website(s) terms and conditions. Where cryptocurrency is being given, earned, transacted or moved from place to place, we may also be required by Governments or Official Institutions to verify or establish the identity and ownership of assets with any perceived monetary value.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

Your data is NOT shared with any company (or Government or regulatory body), without first obtaining your consent.

The exception to this will only be applied if the Company suspect (in its sole discretion), that unlawful or fraudulent activity is taking place.

Personal Data may also be shared where a court in BVI expressly requires us to do so by “Court Order”.

We do not sell your information to marketing companies although, like most organisations, there may be cases when we need to share information.

We may share statistics about users of our website(s) and services to help us develop our services or so that others can understand what we do. This will not include any information that identifies individuals.

We work with employees, partners or agents who are involved in delivering the products or services that you order and use through this website(s) and under appropriate contractual and confidentiality protections.

If we're reorganised or sold to another organisation, we may transfer any personal information we hold about you to that organisation as part of the sale or re-organisation.

We may also share information where we are required or allowed to do so by law or if we believe that this is necessary to prevent fraud or cyber-crime or to protect the website(s) or the rights or safety of its users or any other person.

How will the information be used?

Your information is used to establish and render replicated websites, deliver goods and services, or to generally communicate with you, our Affiliates, Customers or visitors to our website(s). It may also be used on our Social Media platforms to promote and market the services of the company. More personal and detailed data you supply is used to verify that people are who they say they are. Information you supply may be used to verify your identity.

Some of your data may be used in anonymous fashion, to determine data trends or for business analysis models.

The information we collect helps us to understand your needs and to provide you with a better service. In particular (but not exclusively), we use your information to:

Will I receive marketing?

Like you, we dislike junk mail and spam email and we will not sell your information to marketing companies. Our website(s) important updates, news, offers and messaging services will only be sent to you where you have agreed to receive these. In using our website(s) and entering data, you give us that agreement.

We also understand that you might change your mind about receiving our communications. If you do not wish us to continue to contact you, you can either follow the unsubscribe instructions on our communications to you or contact us by using the “contact us” information at the end of the policy or the “contact us” form on the website(s).

How long will the data be stored for?

Your data is securely stored for as long, (in the company’s sole discretion), as is required, to maintain the integrity of the website(s) Terms and Conditions. Some or all of the data we collect, may be stored separately as “historical data” and later referred to, but only if expressly required and specifically identified, and then only by a “Court Order” in BVI.

What rights does the data subject have?

You have the right to ask “us” to amend or remove any data you have stored with us. However, we may still (at our sole discretion), store “historical data” for AML reasons or if we suspect fraud or criminal activity.

If you do not want “us” to store your data or have any of your data in “historical data” files, do not join any of our programs and do not subscribe or enter your data into any of our websites.

How can the data subject raise a complaint?

If you wish to raise a complaint you can email support@247ize.com with a subject heading of [GDPR Complaint – “your name”]. The Complaint will be forwarded to the GDPR Compliance Officer which is either Mira Peltomaki the CTO of Genesis GG20 Ltd or her appointed representative(s).

If you need to contact the Company please use one of our contact forms.

Date: 25-5-18